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Broadcasting on Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca & all Canarian Islands.


ISLA 106 is a great advertising medium. A lot of people are listening every week to radio, including you. On average you listen more than 3 hours a day. How effective is radio? Sales professionals researched this question and came to some important conclusions in the areas of: consciousness, fire attitude, response and sales.

Some conclusions:

– Radio advertising boosts sales by an average of 9-27% up;
– The silent power of radio is in the “lifting power”: a campaign by print can significantly gain in response by supporting radio commercials;
– Average radio advertising gives higher direct response score;
– Well-made radio commercials are very effective to convey a brand message;
– However, one thing remains crucial: The creativity of a radio commercial determines much more than any medium the effectiveness of your campaign.

Your new challenge to make YOUR business known to the world. Our sales team makes the perfect publicity plan for your business.

We start at the beginning: our copy-writers create your perfect slogans and advertising texts. We then advise on setting up your website or online store or Facebook page and campaign. The right text, and voice make the perfect spot with the best results. The right combination of different media works!

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